How can I place an order?
You can choose one of the 3 ways to place your order:  

  1. Place your order ONLINE with your credit card or your paypal account. Shop now.
  2. Email your completed order form to patriproducts@gmail.com.
  3. Fax your completed order form to 954-455-9407

Do you have an order form?                                                                                                                                                                Yes. Click here to access it, print it, fill it out and either fax it to 954-455-9407 or email it to patriproducts@gmail.com

I am a wholesaler and would like to obtain a list of the discounted prices. How can I get that?                                Yes, you can.  You must register first as as wholesaler with our company before you can access the password protected page, which contains great low price for bulk items.

Are you a wholesaler for all the products on your website?                                                                                                    No. We wholesale only the PatriProducts brand products.

How do I know which products are available for wholesale?                                                                                                  Go to the product page and each product will have noted in their product description if available for wholesale. For example, let’s look at one product description page. Click here for product description and if you look at the last lane, it says Wholesale available. For a quick link to the wholesale list click here, however prices will not show till you log into the protected page.

How do I return my product?         
Please read through our RETURN Information page. 

Are all your products refundable?                                                                                                                                                       No. There are some nonrefundable products and those products will say so in their description. 

Do I need to have the fill out return form when returning a product?                                                                        Yes. You must have the return/exchange form filled out when returning a product to us. If you don’t have this form filled out, you cannot get the refund. Please read our Return Information page for more details.

Do you pay for the return shipping?                                                                                                                                                   No. Return shipping is not covered. If you would like to return your product to us you will have to pay for your own shipping to us.

Do I get full credit on the item once I return it to your company?                                                                                              Once we receive your returned item, we will inspect it and we will refund the full price of the item. You will not be reimbursed for the original shipping fee which was charged at the time the product was sent to you. Please read our RETURN Information Page for more details.

How long does it take for you to process the refund?                                                                                                         Please allow up to 7 days for your refund to be processed.